Cannot boot - Boot : Panic : File size out of range (EWS-UX/V unix)

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Old 05-05-2005
Cannot boot - Boot : Panic : File size out of range (EWS-UX/V unix)

Hey !

I am running EWS-UX/V (Rel 4.2) on NEC EWS/4800/330 station and I am having problems rebooting my station : I am getting the following message on display : BOOT : PANIC : File size out of range.

According to user guide, this error is occuring when a file exceeding the limit and/or /stand is probably damaged ...

I do not want to reinstall the whole platform but would like to fix it ...

Any idea ?


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Old 05-05-2005
Do you have any kind of tape backups? Other than restoral from a backup, you may have to rebuild it..
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Old 05-05-2005
How to boot on floppy - NEC EWS/4800/330 - EWS-UX/V

Originally Posted by Kelam_Magnus
Do you have any kind of tape backups? Other than restoral from a backup, you may have to rebuild it..
My problem is that I do not have any backup - I was thinking to to boot on floopy or tape (Only available on this machine) an rebuild the file if necessary but I am noy sure how on this specific machine (NEC EWS/4800/330) - I use to work on RS/6K / AIX and not so much on EWS-UX/V (Rel 4.2) - I boughjt this machine on the WEB 5 months ago for the fun ... Now I am stucked !

Anybody knows how to boot on floopy on this machine ?
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