Count specific word or character per line

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Java Count specific word or character per line


I need help regarding counting specific word or character per line and validate it against a specific number i.e 10. And if number of character equals the specific number then that line will be part of the output.

Specific number = 6
Specific word or char = ||
Sample data:

Output should be:

Thanks in advance.
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user@host> (/home/user) $ count=7
user@host> (/home/user) $ a="[|][|]"
user@host> (/home/user) $ awk 'BEGIN{FS="'$a'"} {if("'$count'"==NF){print}}' test.txt
user@host> (/home/user) $
user@host> (/home/user) $

This works as you suggsted, but you need create pattern variable for your word/char
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