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stunnel4 daemon

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Old 06-02-2010
stunnel4 daemon

If my web browser does not support SSL.This means that I can't connect like this "https://xxxxx". My question is how can i make a stunnel4 daemon in client mode ? like when i connect to "http://localhost:3000" in the web browser i am navigating througth "". I need to know how to do and set the config files of stunnel4 and make the daemon.


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USBIP(8)						  System Administration Utilities						  USBIP(8)

usbipd - USB/IP server daemon SYNOPSIS
usbipd [options] DESCRIPTION
usbipd provides USB/IP clients access to exported USB devices. Devices have to explicitly be exported using usbip bind before usbipd makes them available to other hosts. The daemon accepts connections from USB/IP clients on TCP port 3240. The clients authorised to connect may be configured as documented in hosts_access(5). OPTIONS
-D, --daemon Run as a daemon process. -d, --debug Print debugging information. -v, --version Show version. LIMITATIONS
usbipd offers no authentication or authorization for USB/IP. Any USB/IP client running on an authorised host can connect and use exported devices. EXAMPLES
server:# modprobe usbip server:# usbipd -D - Start usbip daemon. server:# usbip list - List driver assignments for usb devices. server:# usbip bind -b 1-2 - Bind usbip-host.ko to the device of busid 1-2. - A usb device 1-2 is now exportable to other hosts! - Use 'usbip unbind -b 1-2' when you want to shutdown exporting and use the device locally. SEE ALSO
usbip(8) usbip February 2009 USBIP(8)

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