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Search and replace a number

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Search and replace a number

a=`grep  -i|cut -d "|" -f4`
b=`expr $a + 1`
filename=`grep  -i`
while read line
echo $line
echo  $filename
if [ $line = $filename ]
echo "entered if"
nawk  ' BEGIN { FS="|"; OFS="|" }
{ sub('$a', '$b', $4)
print $0}'
echo "exit if"
done <
User  |id |file|count

expected output
User |id |file|count

Every time i grep a file name in the file, the counter has to get updated by 1.

I tried this command, if the counter is same for other line, then changes for all the line which are same numbers, i require for single line update, please help me.......


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