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Find command -size option limitation ?

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Old 06-28-2009
Java Find command -size option limitation ?

Hi All,

I ran code in test environment to find the files more than 1TB given below is a snippet from code:

find $FILE_SYSTEM -type f -size +"$MAX_FILE_LIMIT"c -ls -xdev 2>/dev/null |
while read fname
echo "File larger than or equal to 1TB:"
echo $fname | awk '{print $11}'

The above is not listing any of the files as there is no such big files exists in my test environment. So, it is working fine.

But the same code in my production environment, lists the files smaller than 1TB also, like 6 GB files also.... at this point there is no file for 1TB also - so it is not listed.

My Question is: why it has picked up files lesser than the given size?

One more doubt: Is there any limitation on mumber of digits of parameters been passed to size option on find command? As per above 13-digits are passed.

Please help me out on this with your expert thoughts.

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Old 06-28-2009
I don't know why there would be such a limit.

You could try

find $FILE_SYSTEM -type f -size +"$MAX_FILE_LIMIT"G -ls -xdev 2>/dev/null

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Old 06-28-2009
Hi Scottn,

I was successful with:

find $FILE_SYSTEM -type f -size +"$MAX_FILE_LIMIT"k -ls -xdev

Hopefully, the same with G option will also work.-but capital G also works? i havn't tried.

Can you clear me, why this code:
find $FILE_SYSTEM -type f -size +"$MAX_FILE_LIMIT"c -ls -xdev 2>/dev/null

listed the files which are lesser than the given size.

I suspect, there is some limitation and that was restricting this find command to process normally with the given size and so it started listing all files from smaller to greater..... - i dont know, whether 6 GB is the smallest file at that time, but it started picking from that size.

Any thoughts will be very helpful for me!

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Old 06-28-2009
I don't have 1TB to play about with, so I can't test it!

G does work (don't know why it's uppercase when b, c and k are lowercase).

+SIZE means larger than. To find files smaller you would use -SIZE (in fact you can use both at the same time).

Perhaps it's a 32-bit issue (max 4GB) so it can't handle the 1099511627776? (just a dodgy guess at best)

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