run win app on Linux -performance issue

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Old 05-14-2009
run win app on Linux -performance issue

We develop software for diagnostic tools for cars. we a use a portable PC(x86) runs Win98 to run our applications.
Hence the working environment in the company is Windows, specifically we use BASIC to develop the GUI, communication functions, DLL, etc. and run them on the Win98 PC.
We suggested to use the portable embedded pc with Linux (Debian) to cut costs. we managed to port Linux and run our applications using Wine. But the performance was really slow.
do u have any other suggestions to use Linux in our product, but to keep the applications, host environment, and all related software as it is (Windows compatible).
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Old 05-16-2009
we use BASIC to develop the GUI
That's interesting... BASIC for the GUI? do you mean perhaps Visual BASIC?

I can't offer you a direct solution; however, with the "oprofile" module in Linux, you can determine system bottlenecks of your application -- without using a DOS profiler.
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