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wtmpx file is not updating

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wtmpx file is not updating

in my solaris 9 system wmptx file is not updating so it is not recording any login or logout or any other entry.
can any one tell me how to solve this problem

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utmpx(4)							   File Formats 							  utmpx(4)

utmpx, wtmpx - utmpx and wtmpx database entry formats SYNOPSIS
#include <utmpx.h> /var/adm/utmpx /var/adm/wtmpx DESCRIPTION
The utmpx and wtmpx files are extended database files that have superseded the obsolete utmp and wtmp database files. The utmpx database contains user access and accounting information for commands such as who(1), write(1), and login(1). The wtmpx database contains the history of user access and accounting information for the utmpx database. USAGE
Applications should not access these databases directly, but should use the functions described on the getutxent(3C) manual page to inter- act with the utmpx and wtmpx databases to ensure that they are maintained consistently. FILES
/var/adm/utmpx user access and adminstration information /var/adm/wtmpx history of user access and adminstrative information SEE ALSO
getutxent(3C), wait(3C), wait.h(3HEAD) SunOS 5.11 6 Mar 2008 utmpx(4)

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