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Threads terminating when a signal is generated

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Old 04-22-2009
Threads terminating when a signal is generated

hi all,

i had created 3 threads using pthreads. Each thread does a different job. Now the main problem is when one thread generates a signal (for example SIGFPE, SIGINT) then the process terminates and all other threads do terminate eventually.

I want to keep other threads running i.e, i want to keep the process.
Is there a way only to terminate only the thread that generated the signal?

thank you
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sigpause(3C)															      sigpause(3C)

sigpause - signal management SYNOPSIS
The function, along with the and functions provide simplified signal management. The function removes sig from the calling thread's signal mask and suspends the calling thread until a signal is received. The function restores the thread's signal mask to its original state before returning. RETURN VALUE
The function suspends execution of the thread until a signal is received, whereupon it shall return and set to ERRORS
[EINVAL] sig is not a valid signal number. WARNINGS
The compiler option must be set to use sigpause(). The use of the function without the option is unspecified. should not be used in conjunction with signal(2) and sigspace(2). OBSOLESCENT FUNCTION
will be obsoleted in the near future. The obsolescent function blocks signals according to the value of mask, then atomically waits for an unmasked signal to arrive. On return, restores the current signal mask to the value that existed before the call. When no signals are to be blocked, a value of is used for mask. terminates when it is interrupted by a signal. When terminates, it returns -l and sets to The obsolescent function is typically used in conjunction with the obsoleted function. Threads Considerations Since blocked signal masks are maintained at the thread level, the obsolescent function modifies only the calling thread's blocked signal mask. suspends only the calling thread until it receives a signal. If other threads in the process do not block the signal, the signal may be delivered to another thread in the process and the thread in may continue waiting. For this reason, the use of sigwait(2) is recommended instead of for multi-threaded applications. For more information regarding signals and threads, refer to signal(5). LP64 Programs This obsolescent accepts a long (64 bit) value. However, as for ILP32 programs, supports signals numbered 1 through 32. The upper 32 bits of the mask argument are ignored. Author was developed by the University of California, Berkeley. SEE ALSO
kill(1), kill(2), pause(2), signal(2), wait(2), abort(3C), setjmp(3C), sighold(3C), sigignore(3C), sigrelse(3C), sigset(3C), signal(5). STANDARDS CONFORMANCE

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