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Extracting data from tables and storing in a file

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Special Forums UNIX Desktop Questions & Answers Extracting data from tables and storing in a file
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Extracting data from tables and storing in a file


I am trying to write a script to extract information from a database and save that info to a csv file.

I am using sql, an oracle database

I have no idea how to even begin this.

Can somebody please help.
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try again.
write a simple sql script to get what you want, I added "-- notes" at the end of the line, remove them:
set colsep '   '       -- that is: a tic a tab a tic; you cannot see a tab; this makes csv format
set head off          -- don't print the header crud
set pages 0 
set lines 999          -- do no wrap on col 80, this can be set larger
set trimspool on
set feedback off
spool myoutputfile.txt
select fld1, fld2, fld3 from mytable   -- obviously this is made up
   where fld3='something';
spool off

save that script as: one.sql then clean up the dashes

You can run the script from sqlplus:
sqlplus myusername/mypassword@mydbname

If you need to automate running your script , create a shell script,
1. create
#!/bin/ksh  # or #!/bin/bash 
  sqlplus myusername/mypassword@mydbname  <<EOF

NOTE: the last EOF has to be in column #1.
Search the forums for a 'here document', EOF could be PDQBACH or anything you like.

chmod +x


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Can this not be done in one script?

I was looking at something like this

def make_csv()
sqlstr = <<-'SQL'
select SITEID, CELLID, "Cell Identity" from
select ce.siteid, ct.plancell as "CELLID", ct.allocatedci as "Cell Identity", ct.status
from mtnis.CI_translation ct
left outer join cell ce
on ct.plancell = ce.cellid
where status in ('Operational','Ready for service')
f_out ="/tmp/#{@module}.sql", "w+"); f_out.puts sqlstr; f_out.close
result = `cat /tmp/#{@module}.sql | sqlcsv #{@verbose} \
--headers \
--user="#{TNUSER}" \
--password="#{TNPASS}" \
--dsn="#{TNDSN}" \
--stdin \
#> #{@dsxdir}csv/#{@module}.csv.tmp1`
FileUtils.rm( "/tmp/#{@module}.sql", :force => true )
puts result if @verbose

@arri = result.split("\n")

This is something I came across but I don't understand it completely.

My sql statement is very basic

select * from importcell

That results needs to go into a file called results.csv
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one shell script:
sqlplus -s username/passwd@dbname <<EOF
set colsep '   '
set feedback off
set lines 9999
spool results.csv
set trimspool on
set pages 999
select * from importcell;

This makes a tab-delimited csv file.
set colsep ',' makes a comma-delimited csv file.
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Thank you

How do I make the output more presentable

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The csv file does not get created. I added a path for it


sqlplus -s datasafe/datasafe@DS61MTN <<EOF 
set colsep ' ' 
set feedback off 
set lines 9999 
spool /var/local/dsx/import/results.csv 
set trimspool on 
set pages 999 
select * from AFFECTLEVEL; 

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may b u can give following a try -
main changes being setting column seperator as "," and then some post formatting


touch tmpFile

sqlplus -s usr/passwd@sid << HERE | egrep -v "altered" > tmpFile
set feedback off
set linesize 9999
set colsep ","

select * from importcell;


sed -e "s/     //g" tmpFile | grep -v '^$' | grep -v "\-\-" > outfile.csv
rm tmpFile

# 7  
I get this:

$ ./
sed: -e expression #1, char 11: unknown option to `s'

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