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LDAP - sudoers and the nopasswd flag - How can i set some commands for wheelgroup without password?

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Special Forums UNIX and Linux Applications LDAP - sudoers and the nopasswd flag - How can i set some commands for wheelgroup without password?
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Old 03-19-2016
LDAP - sudoers and the nopasswd flag - How can i set some commands for wheelgroup without password?

Hello Smilie

we use LDAP with sudoers about 4 years. Works fine. But we have one problem with members of the admingroup (wheel). This users can do every command with sudo and with there privat password. But when they also are member to another special group, like sysadmin:
Sysadmin is allowed to use the commands, systemctl, reboot, shutdown, and a couple of other commands without password.
They must nevertheless always enter their password.

The goal is that admins they are in the wheelgroup and also members from some other sudogroups, they can execute there commands without password. Is this possible in LDAP?

Here some config:

dn	                cn=defaults,ou=SUDOers,ou=Anwendungen,dc=osit,dc=cc
cn	                defaults
description 	sudoOption's
objectClass	sudoRole
sudoOption	!root_sudo

dn	               cn=%wheel,ou=SUDOers,ou=Anwendungen,dc=osit,dc=cc
cn	               %wheel
description 	Superadmingroup
objectClass	sudoRole
sudoCommand	ALL
sudoHost	        ALL
sudoUser	        %wheel

dn	                cn=portage,ou=SUDOers,ou=Anwendungen,dc=osit,dc=cc
cn	                portage
description 	Mitglieder können auf allen Gentoos die Paketverwaltung bedienen.
objectClass	sudoRole
sudoCommand	/usr/bin/emerge
sudoHost	        ALL
sudoOption	!authenticate
sudoUser	        %portage

The importand option here is !authenticate. With this i can say "execute command without password".

Thanks a lot for helping!
Best Regards

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