Countdown timer with seconds

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Operating Systems Linux Ubuntu Countdown timer with seconds
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Originally Posted by drew77
Added fi.

if [ "$1" = "-m" ] ; then
     until=`expr 60 \* $2`
      until=`expr $until + $now`
      sec_rem=`expr $until - $now`
      echo "-m"
      if [ $sec_rem -lt 1 ]; then
          echo "$2 is already history !"

andy@7_~/Downloads$ -s 20
expr: syntax error
20 is already history !

The above diagnostic message tells you that one of your 15 or so expr statements contains a syntax error.

One might guess that the statement in your code:
    until=`expr \* $2`

is likely to be one of your problems since multiplication is a binary operator and you have only supplied one operand.
Originally Posted by drew77
Your cutdowns add nothing.

If it bothers you so much, I recommend not responding.

I am not perfect and neither are you.
Moderator's Comments:
Mod Comment Continuing to take this tone with people trying to help you may get you banned from this site.

You are correct; none of us are perfect. But, you should be familiar with your code. You should immediately know where to look for expr statements that are used just before you print out the string -s (which your code prints just after the diagnostic message). And, if you had followed RudiC's advice, it would have shown you exactly which of your expr invocations was generating the diagnostic. (Maybe you should have thanked him for the advice instead of telling him that you no longer want his help. You might consider that other people will read your comments and decide they no longer want to help you either.)
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