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Access wubi files from windows 7

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Access wubi files from windows 7

I am unable to boot into my ubuntu installation. I have installed using wubi in windows 7.

I just want too access and get some files and then reinstall ubuntu.

I know that the files are located in C:/ubuntu/disks/root.disk.

I have tried to use explore2fs, but that doesn't seem to work with windows 7.

Do you have another suggestion?
# 2  
If you cannot pull from w7, can you push from ubuntu ?
# 3  
There is a Ubuntu file in W7 that contains the whole thing, not sure, but at the least you can boot a live Linux cd and get in I would use puppy linux ot slitaz both are root already. Ubuntu will work but depending on how deep the stuff you want is, you may have to gksudo nautilus from a alt-f2 that will root you if you use a Ubuntu disk.

Really though I think you can move the Ubuntu stuff to Windows as far as media...vids, music, docs etc, could be wrong though.
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