ubuntu-upload-permission(1)				      General Commands Manual				       ubuntu-upload-permission(1)

ubuntu-upload-permission - Query upload rights and (optionally) list the people and teams with upload rights for a package SYNOPSIS
ubuntu-upload-permission [options] package DESCRIPTION
ubuntu-upload-permission checks if the user has upload permissions for package. If the --list-uploaders option is provided, all the people and teams that do have upload rights for package will be listed. OPTIONS
-r RELEASE, --release=RELEASE Query permissions in RELEASE. Default: current development release. -a, --list-uploaders List all the people and teams who have upload rights for package. -t, --list-team-members List all the members of every team with rights. (Implies --list-uploaders) -h, --help Display a help message and exit EXIT STATUS
0 You have the necessary upload rights. 1 You don't have the necessary upload rights. 2 There was an error. AUTHORS
ubuntu-upload-permission and this manpage were written by Stefano Rivera <stefanor@ubuntu.com>. Both are released under the terms of the ISC License. ubuntu-dev-tools November 2011 ubuntu-upload-permission(1)

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