beid-pkcs11-tool(1)						      Belgium						       beid-pkcs11-tool(1)

beid-pkcs11-tool - generic smart card utility SYNOPSIS
beid-pkcs11-tool [OPTIONS] DESCRIPTION
The beid-pkcs11-tool utility can be used from the command line to perform miscellaneous operations on the Belgium eID PKCS11 library, such as changing your PIN or testing the library. OPTIONS
--show-info, -I Show global token information --list-slots, -L List the available slots --list-mechanisms, -M List the mechanisms supported by the token --list-objects, -O List the objects on the token --login, -l Log into the token first (not needed when using --pin) --pin pin, -r pin Supply the PIN on the command line --change-pin, -c Change the PIN --slot slot Specify number of the slot to use --module module Specify PKCS11 library to use (default = --test, -t Test (best used with the --login or --pin option) SEE ALSO
beid-tool(1) AUTHORS
beid-pkcs11-tool is based on pkcs11-tool ( and adapted for the Belgian national eID card by Zetes NV/SA ( 09/2005 beid-pkcs11-tool(1)

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