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DwtSTextSetString(3Dwt) 												   DwtSTextSetString(3Dwt)

       DwtSTextSetString - Sets the text string in the simple text widget.

       void DwtSTextSetString(widget, value)
	    Widget widget;
	    char *value;

       widget	 Specifies the ID of the simple text widget whose text string you want to set.

       value	 Specifies the text that replaces all text in the current text widget window.

       The DwtSTextSetString function completely changes the string in the simple text widget.

See Also
       DwtSTextGetString(3Dwt), DwtSTextReplace(3Dwt), DwtSTextGetEditable(3Dwt), DwtSTextSetEditable(3Dwt), DwtSTextGetMaxLength(3Dwt), Dwt-
       STextSetMaxLength(3Dwt), DwtSTextSetSelection(3Dwt), DwtSTextClearSelection(3Dwt), DwtSTextGetSelection(3Dwt)
       Guide to the XUI Toolkit: C Language Binding
       Guide to the XUI Toolkit Intrinsics: C Language Binding


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