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LDBRENAME(1)							   User Commands						      LDBRENAME(1)

ldbrename - Edit LDB databases using your favorite editor SYNOPSIS
ldbrename [-h] [-o options] {olddn} {newdb} DESCRIPTION
ldbrename is a utility that allows you to rename trees in an LDB database based by DN. This utility takes two arguments: the original DN name of the top element and the DN to change it to. OPTIONS
-h Show list of available options. -H <ldb-url> LDB URL to connect to. See ldb(7) for details. -o options Extra ldb options, such as modules. ENVIRONMENT
LDB_URL LDB URL to connect to (can be overrided by using the -H command-line option.) VERSION
This man page is correct for version 4.0 of the Samba suite. SEE ALSO
ldb(7), ldbmodify, ldbdel, ldif(5) AUTHOR
ldb was written by Andrew Tridgell. If you wish to report a problem or make a suggestion then please see the : web site for current contact and maintainer information. This manpage was written by Jelmer Vernooij. Samba 3.5 06/18/2010 LDBRENAME(1)

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