cvm-sql(7)						 Miscellaneous Information Manual						cvm-sql(7)

$VAR and ${VAR} are replaced with the quoted value of the environment variable named VAR. Use the second form when VAR contains anything other than alpha-numeric or underscore (_) characters. Do not include quotes in the query. The variables account and domain contain the account and domain names given by the CVM client. $$ is replaced with a single dollar sign. QUERY RESULTS
The query must produce the following fields exactly in order. All required fields must not be null or empty. 1. Password, encrypted with crypt(3) (required) 2. Actual account name (required) 3. User ID (integer) (required) 4. Group ID (integer) (required) 5. Directory (required) 6. Real name (optional) 7. Login shell (optional) 8. Group name (optional) 9. Domain name (optional) 10. System account name (optional) 11. System account directory (optional) 12. Mailbox path (optional) DEFAULT QUERY
SELECT password, username, userid, groupid, directory, realname, shell, groupname, domain, sys_username, sys_directory FROM accounts WHERE username=$account AND domain=$domain SEE ALSO
cvm-mysql(8), cvm-pgsql(8), cvm-pwfile(8), cvm-qmail(8), cvm-unix(8), cvm-vmailmgr(8), cvm-benchclient(8), cvm-checkpassword(8), cvm-test- client(8) cvm-sql(7)

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