icetGetSingleImageStrategyName(3)				  IceT Reference				 icetGetSingleImageStrategyName(3)

icetGetSingleImageStrategyName -- retrieve single image sub-strategy name. Synopsis #include <IceT.h> const char *icetGetSingleImageStrategyName( void ); Description icetGetSingleImageStrategyName retrieves a human-readable name for the current single image sub-strategy. Return Value Returns a short, null terminated string identifying the single image strategy currently in effect. Helpful for printing out debugging or diagnostic statements. Errors None. Warnings None. Bugs None known. Notes The string returned does not contain the identifier used in a C program. For example, if the current single image strategy is ICET_SIN- GLE_IMAGE_STRATEGY_BSWAP, icetGetSingleImageStrategyName returns ``Binary Swap,'' not ``ICET_SINGLE_IMAGE_STRATEGY_BSWAP.'' Copyright Copyright (C)2010 Sandia Corporation Under the terms of Contract DE-AC04-94AL85000 with Sandia Corporation, the U.S. Government retains certain rights in this software. This source code is released under the New BSD License. See Also icetGetStrategyName(3), icetSingleImageStrategy(3) IceT Reference August 23, 2010 icetGetSingleImageStrategyName(3)

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