hpsmh(1M)																 hpsmh(1M)

hpsmh - starts or stops the HP System Management Homepage server SYNOPSIS
The HP System Management Homepage is the management server for web-based System Administration tools. In order to use HPSMH, start a web browser on your desktop or workstation, and type in the URL or Address of the server to be managed: By default, the HP SMH management server under HP-UX only starts on demand. It does not run continually. A daemon listens on port 2301 to start an instance of the management server. The above URL automatically starts the management server, then redirects your browser to the secure port from which to login: The command starts or stops the HPSMH server. If no options are specified, displays the possible options. Options The command supports the followings options: Starts the HPSMH Server if is not currently running Stops the HPSMH Server Access Control By default, only the root user can login to HPSMH. Within HPSMH you can configure additional user groups to have HPSMH access. You must be a superuser to run the command. Certificates Installing HPSMH will generate an SSL self signed certificate. Because this certificate is self signed, when connecting to HPSMH your web browser will prompt you with a warning that the certificate was issued by a web site, company or Certificate Authority you have not chosen to trust. It is possible to proceed by accepting this self signed certificate temporarily for each session. You can also view and install (accept permanently) this certificate to avoid this warning in the future. HPSMH also supports installation of certificates created by a Certifi- cate Authority. RETURN VALUES
The command returns: upon successful completion if the command failed EXAMPLES
Starts HPSMH Server: Stops HPSMH Server: Shows options: Using HPSMH, start a browser and enter the following URL: AUTHORS
was developed by Hewlett-Packard SEE ALSO
smhstartconfig(1M). hpsmh(1M)

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