secdef(3)						     Library Functions Manual							 secdef(3)

secdef: open_secdef(), close_secdef(), get_secdef_str(), get_secdef_int() - security defaults configuration file routines SYNOPSIS
opens the security configuration file This function must be called prior to calling or closes the security configuration file. and return the value of the specified parameter defined in the security configuration file. See the security(4) manpage. Programs using these routines must be compiled with APPLICATION USAGE
In a multithreaded application, these interfaces are thread-safe, but not async-cancel-safe. A cancellation point may occur when a thread is executing any of these interfaces. RETURN VALUE
returns a value of if the open completed successfully. Otherwise, it returns and leaves unchanged from the call. and return the follow- ing: The value of the specified parameter was successfully returned. The entry was not found, or the security configuration file was not opened. The format of the entry was incorrect. EXAMPLES
This example obtains the "path" from the parameter. FILES
Security defaults configuration file. SEE ALSO
security(4). secdef(3)