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PX_PUT_RECORD(3)					     Library Functions Manual						  PX_PUT_RECORD(3)

PX_put_record -- Stores record in Paradox file SYNOPSIS
#include <paradox.h> int PX_put_record(pxdoc_t *pxdoc, char *data) DESCRIPTION
Stores a record in the buffer data into a Paradox file. data must be constructed with PX_put_data_xxx(3) functions before. It is of the same structure as the record returned by PX_get_record(3) and PX_get_record2(3). The new record will be stored after the last one added. RETURN VALUE
Returns the record position on success and -1 on failure. The first position has number 0. SEE ALSO
PX_get_record(3), PX_get_record2(3), PX_put_recordn(3), PX_put_data_byte(3), PX_put_data_short(3), PX_put_data_long(3), PX_put_data_dou- ble(3), PX_put_data_alpha(3) AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Uwe Steinmann PX_PUT_RECORD(3)

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