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SRU::Response::Record - A class for representing a result record in a searchRetrieve response. SYNOPSIS
my $record = SRU::Response::Record->new(); $record->recordData( '<title>Huck Finn</title>' ); $response->addRecord( $record ); DESCRIPTION
SRU::Response::Record is used to bundle up the information about a particular metadata record in a SRU::Response::SearchRetrieve object. Typically you'll construct a record object and add it to the SearchRetrieve response. METHODS
new() You must supply the recordSchema and recordData parameters. recordPacking, recordPosition, and extraRecordData may also be supplied. my $record = SRU::Response::Record->new( recordSchema => 'info:srw/schema/1/dc-v1.1', recordData => '<title>Huckleberry Finn</title>' ); recordSchema() The URI identifier of the XML schema in which the record is encoded. Although the request may use the server's assigned short name, the response must always be the full URI. recordData() The record itself, either as a string or embedded XML. If would like to pass an object in here you may do so as long as it imlements the asXML() method. recordPacking() The packing used in recordData, as requested by the client or the default: "XML". recordPosition() The position of the record within the result set. If you don't pass this in recordPosition will be automaticlly calculated for you when add or retrieve a record from a SRU::Response::SearchRetrieve object. extraRecordData() Any extra data associated with the record. See the section on extensions for more information. asXML() perl v5.12.4 2009-11-20 SRU::Response::Record(3pm)

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