setpgrp(2)							System Calls Manual							setpgrp(2)

setpgrp - set process group ID SYNOPSIS
If the calling process is not already a session leader, sets the process group ID of the calling process to the process ID of the calling process. If creates a new session, then the new session has no controlling terminal. The function has no effect when the calling process is a session leader. Security Restrictions Some or all of the actions associated with this system call may require privileges. See privileges(5) for more information. RETURN VALUE
Upon successful completion, returns the new process group ID. ERRORS
If fails, no changes occur and (see errno(2)) is set to one of the following values: The calling process is already a process group leader or the process group ID of a process other than the calling process matches the process ID of the calling process. The calling process does not have sufficient privileges. SEE ALSO
exec(2), fork(2), getpid(2), getsid(2), kill(2), setpgrp3(2), setsid(2), privileges(5), <unistd.h>. STANDARDS CONFORMANCE

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