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smhassist(1M)															     smhassist(1M)

smhassist - check System Management Homepage configuration problems and recommend solutions SYNOPSIS
is a command-line utility that checks SMH installation and configuration problems and recommends solutions. checks for common SMH instal- lation problems, daemons that must be running but are not running, ports that must be open but are not, and other configuration problems. At the end of the check, generates a report of the problems and recommendations to resolve the problems. Some of the checks done are: 1. swverify on HPSMH 2. swverify on Apache and required patches 3. swverify on WBEM and OpenSSL 4. check for hpsmh group and users 5. check for 2301 and 2381 ports 6. check for smh daemons A detailed output of is logged to the file at /opt/hpsmh/logs/smhassist.log checks and recommends solutions to problems in SMH only. does not perform checks on SMH plugins (applications within SMH) such as fsweb, pdweb, kcweb, and so on. Options supports the following options -v Print verbose output FILES
/opt/hpsmh/logs/smhassist.log - Stores detailed log output of smhassist SEE ALSO
smhstartconfig(1M), hpsmh(1M). AUTHOR
was developed by Hewlett-Packard. smhassist(1M)

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