DFG2TPTP(1)							       SPASS							       DFG2TPTP(1)

dfg2tptp - transforms DFG files into TPTP files SYNOPSIS
dfg2tptp <input-file> <output-file> DESCRIPTION
dfg2tptp is a program which converts a problem input file in DFG format into a problem input file in TPTP format. The TPTP problem format is used by the TPTP library of test problems for automated theorem proving, available at http://www.math.miami.edu/~tptp/. Various tools exist to convert problems in TPTP format into input files for other theorem provers. SEE ALSO
checkstat(1), filestat(1), pcs(1), pgen(1), rescmp(1), tpform(1), tpget(1), deprose(1), dfg2otter(1), SPASS(1) AUTHORS
Thomas Hillenbrand, Dalibor Topic and Christoph Weidenbach Contact : spass@mpi-inf.mpg.de perl v5.10.0 2010-02-23 DFG2TPTP(1)