xosd_set_bar_length - Change the length of the percentage bar or slider SYNOPSIS
#include <xosd.h> int xosd_set_bar_length (xosd *osd, int displayPercentage); DESCRIPTION
xosd_set_bar_length changes the percentage of the display used by a slider or percentage bar. Normally the XOSD choses a sensible length for the bar, but you may wish to change the default behavior if there are only a small number of possible values to be displayed. ARGUMENTS
osd The XOSD window to alter. displayPercentage The percentage of the display to be used up by the slider or percentage bar, as an interger between 0 and 100. Setting displayPer- centage to -1 reverts to the default behaviour. RETURN VALUE
On success, a zero is returned. On error, -1 is returned and xosd_error is set to indicate the reason for the error. ENVIRONMENT
char *xosd_error A string describing the error, if one occurred. BUGS
There are no known bugs with xosd_set_bar_length. Bug reports can be sent to <xosd@ignavus.net>. AUTHORS
The XOSD library was originally written by Andre Renaud, and is currently maintained by Tim Wright. This document was written by Michael JasonSmith. SEE ALSO
xosd_create(3), xosd_display(3). XOSD_SET_BAR_LENGTH(3)

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