XSetSelectionOwner()													      XSetSelectionOwner()

  XSetSelectionOwner - set the owner of a selection.

  XSetSelectionOwner(display, selection, owner, time)
	Display *display;
	Atom selection;
	Window owner;
	Time time;

  display   Specifies a connection to an X server; returned from XOpenDisplay().

  selection Specifies the selection atom.  Predefined atoms are XA_PRIMARY and XA_SECONDARY.

  owner     Specifies the desired owner of the specified selection atom.  This value is either a window ID or None.

  time	    Specifies  the  time  when	the selection should take place.  Pass either a timestamp, expressed in milliseconds, or the constant

  XSetSelectionOwner() sets the owner and last-change time of a selection property.  This should be called by an  application  that  supports
  cutting and pasting between windows (or at least cutting), when the user has made a selection of any kind of text, graphics, or data.  This
  makes the information available so that other applications can request the data from the new	selection  owner  using  XConvertSelection(),
  which generates a SelectionRequest event specifying the desired type and format of the data.	Then the selection owner sends a SelectionNo-
  tify using XSendEvent(), which notes that the information is stored in the selection property in the desired format or  indicates  that  it
  couldn't do the conversion to the desired type.

  If  owner  is specified as None, then this client is giving up ownership voluntarily.  Otherwise, the new owner is the client executing the

  If the new selection owner is not the same client as the old owner, and the new owner is a window, then the old owner is sent a  Selection-
  Clear event.	This indicates to the old owner that the selection should be unhighlighted.

  If the selection owner window is later destroyed, the owner of the selection automatically reverts to None.

  The value you pass to the time argument must be no earlier than the last-change time of the specified selection, and no later than the cur-
  rent time, or the selection is not affected.	The new last-change time recorded is the specified time, with  CurrentTime  replaced  by  the
  current server time.	If the X server reverts a selection owner to None, the last-change time is not affected.

  For more information on selections, see Volume One, Chapter 12, Interclient Communication.


See Also
  XConvertSelection(), XGetSelectionOwner().

Xlib - Selections													      XSetSelectionOwner()

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