OB_GET_CLEAN(3) 							 1							   OB_GET_CLEAN(3)

ob_get_clean - Get current buffer contents and delete current output buffer

string ob_get_clean (void ) DESCRIPTION
Gets the current buffer contents and delete current output buffer. ob_get_clean(3) essentially executes both ob_get_contents(3) and ob_end_clean(3). The output buffer must be started by ob_start(3) with PHP_OUTPUT_HANDLER_CLEANABLE flag. Otherwise ob_get_clean(3) will not work. RETURN VALUES
Returns the contents of the output buffer and end output buffering. If output buffering isn't active then FALSE is returned. EXAMPLES
Example #1 A simple ob_get_clean(3) example <?php ob_start(); echo "Hello World"; $out = ob_get_clean(); $out = strtolower($out); var_dump($out); ?> The above example will output: string(11) "hello world" SEE ALSO
ob_get_contents(3), ob_start(3). PHP Documentation Group OB_GET_CLEAN(3)