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serialver(1)						      General Commands Manual						      serialver(1)

serialver - serial version command SYNOPSIS
serialver [ options ] [ classnames ] options Command-line options, as specified in this document. classnames One or more class names. DESCRIPTION
serialver returns the serialVersionUID for one or more classes in a form suitable for copying into an evolving class. When invoked with no arguments, it prints a usage line. OPTIONS
-classpath <directories and zip/jar files separated by:> Set search path for application classes and resources. -show Displays a simple user interface. Enter the full class name and press either the Enter key or the Show button to display the serialVersionUID. -Joption Pass option to the Java virtual machine, where option is one of the options described on the man page for the java applica- tion launcher, java(1). For example, -J-Xms48m sets the startup memory to 48 megabytes. It is a common convention for -J to pass options to the underlying virtual machine. SEE ALSO
See (or search for the following: @ 24 June 2004 serialver(1)

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