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tracker-miner-fs.cfg - Configuration file for tracker-miner-fs DESCRIPTION
This file resides in $HOME/.config/tracker/ and uses the common .ini format, i.e. [Group] # Comment Key=Value SECTIONS
[General] Verbosity Log verbosity, 0=errors, 1=minimal, 2=detailed, 3=debug. InitialSleep=15 Time in seconds before crawling filesystem (0->1000). [Monitors] EnableMonitors=true Set to false to completely disable any monitoring. ScanTimeout=0 Time in seconds between same events to prevent flooding (0->1000). CacheTimeout=60 Time in seconds for events to be cached (0->1000). [Indexing] Throttle=0 Sets the indexing speed (0->20, where 20=slowest speed). IndexOnBattery=false Set to true to index while running on battery. IndexOnBatteryFirstTime=true Set to true to index while running on battery for the first time only. IndexMountedDirectories=true Set to true to enable traversing mounted directories on other file systems (this excludes removable devices). IndexRemovableMedia=true Set to true to enable traversing ALL removable media such as memory cards, CDs, DVDS, etc. Disabling this means that IndexOpticalD- iscs has no effect and is considered false. IndexOpticalDiscs=false Set to true to enable traversing optical discs only, this includes CDs DVDs, etc. IndexRemovableMedia must be true for this option to have any effect. LowDiskSpaceLimit=1 Pause indexer when disk space is <= this value (0->100, value is in % of $HOME file system, -1=disable pausing). IndexRecursiveDirectories=$HOME; List of directories to crawl recursively for indexing (separator=;). IndexSingleDirectories= List of directories to index but not sub-directories for changes (separator=;). IgnoredDirectories=po;CVS;.svn;.git;core-dumps; List of directories to NOT crawl for indexing (separator=;). IgnoredDirectoriesWithContent=backup.metadata; List of directories to NOT crawl for indexing based on child files (separator=;). IgnoredFiles=*~;*.o; List of files to NOT index (separator=;). SEE ALSO
tracker-miner-fs(1), tracker-extract.cfg(5), tracker-fts.cfg(5), tracker-store.cfg(5). GNU
September 2009 tracker-miner-fs.cfg(5)

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