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use Mojo::DOM::HTML; # Turn HTML5 into DOM tree my $html = Mojo::DOM::HTML->new; $html->parse('<div><p id="a">A</p><p id="b">B</p></div>'); my $tree = $html->tree; DESCRIPTION
Mojo::DOM::HTML is the HTML5/XML engine used by Mojo::DOM. ATTRIBUTES
Mojo::DOM::HTML implements the following attributes. "charset" my $charset = $html->charset; $html = $html->charset('UTF-8'); Charset used for decoding and encoding HTML5/XML. "tree" my $tree = $html->tree; $html = $html->tree(['root', [qw(text lalala)]]); Document Object Model. "xml" my $xml = $html->xml; $html = $html->xml(1); Disable HTML5 semantics in parser and activate case sensitivity, defaults to auto detection based on processing instructions. METHODS
Mojo::DOM::HTML inherits all methods from Mojo::Base and implements the following new ones. "parse" $html = $html->parse('<foo bar="baz">test</foo>'); Parse HTML5/XML document. "render" my $xml = $html->render; Render DOM to XML. SEE ALSO
Mojolicious, Mojolicious::Guides, <>. perl v5.14.2 2012-09-05 Mojo::DOM::HTML(3pm)

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