SVK::Log::Filter::Grep(3)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				 SVK::Log::Filter::Grep(3)

SVK::Log::Filter::Grep - search log messages for a given pattern DESCRIPTION
The Grep filter requires a single Perl pattern (regular expression) as its argument. The pattern is then applied to the svn:log property of each revision it receives. If the pattern matches, the revision is allowed to continue down the pipeline. If the pattern fails to match, the pipeline immediately skips to the next revision. The pattern is applied with the /i modifier (case insensitivity). If you want case-sensitivity or other modifications to the behavior of your pattern, you must use the "(?imsx-imsx)" extended pattern (see "perldoc perlre" for details). For example, to search for log messages that match exactly the characters "foo" you might use svk log --filter "grep (?-i)foo" However, to search for "foo" without regards for case, one might try svk log --filter "grep foo" The result of any capturing parentheses inside the pattern are not available. If demand dictates, the Grep filter could be modified to place the captured value somewhere in the stash for other filters to access. If the pattern contains a pipe character ('|'), it must be escaped by preceding it with a '' character. Otherwise, the portion of the pattern after the pipe character is interpreted as the name of a log filter. STASH
/PROPERTY MODIFICATIONS Grep leaves all properties and the stash intact. perl v5.10.0 2008-08-04 SVK::Log::Filter::Grep(3)

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