HARDENED-CC(1)							 Debian GNU/Linux						    HARDENED-CC(1)

hardened-cc - gcc wrapper to enforce hardening toolchain improvements SYNOPSIS
The hardened-cc wrapper is normally used by calling gcc as usual when DEB_BUILD_HARDENING is set to 1. It will configure the necessary toolchain hardening features. By default, all features are enabled. If a given feature does not work correctly and needs to be disabled, the corresponding environment variables mentioned below can be set to 0. ENVIRONMENT
DEB_BUILD_HARDENING=1 Enable hardening features. DEB_BUILD_HARDENING_DEBUG=1 Print the full resulting gcc command line to STDERR before calling gcc. DEB_BUILD_HARDENING_STACKPROTECTOR=0 Disable stack overflow protection. See README.Debian for details. DEB_BUILD_HARDENING_RELRO=0 Disable read-only linker sections. See README.Debian for details. DEB_BUILD_HARDENING_FORTIFY=0 Don't fortify several standard functions. See README.Debian for details. DEB_BUILD_HARDENING_PIE=0 Don't build position independent executables. See README.Debian for details. DEB_BUILD_HARDENING_FORMAT=0 Disable unsafe format string usage errors. See README.Debian for details. NOTES
System-wide settings can be added to /etc/hardening-wrapper.conf, one per line. The real gcc symlinks are renamed gcc.real, and a diversion is registered with dpkg-divert(1). Thus hardened-cc's idea of the default gcc is dictated by whatever package installed /usr/bin/gcc. SEE ALSO
hardened-ld(1) gcc(1) Debian Project 2008-01-08 HARDENED-CC(1)

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