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tapset::task(3stap)													       tapset::task(3stap)

tapset::task - systemtap task tapset DESCRIPTION
task_current The current task_struct of the current task See function::task_current(3stap) for details. task_parent The task_struct of the parent task See function::task_parent(3stap) for details. task_state The state of the task See function::task_state(3stap) for details. task_execname The name of the task See function::task_execname(3stap) for details. task_pid The process identifier of the task See function::task_pid(3stap) for details. pid2task The task_struct of the given process identifier See function::pid2task(3stap) for details. pid2execname The name of the given process identifier See function::pid2execname(3stap) for details. task_tid The thread identifier of the task See function::task_tid(3stap) for details. task_gid The group identifier of the task See function::task_gid(3stap) for details. task_egid The effective group identifier of the task See function::task_egid(3stap) for details. task_uid The user identifier of the task See function::task_uid(3stap) for details. task_euid The effective user identifier of the task See function::task_euid(3stap) for details. task_prio The priority value of the task See function::task_prio(3stap) for details. task_nice The nice value of the task See function::task_nice(3stap) for details. task_cpu The scheduled cpu of the task See function::task_cpu(3stap) for details. task_open_file_handles The number of open files of the task See function::task_open_file_handles(3stap) for details. task_max_file_handles The max number of open files for the task See function::task_max_file_handles(3stap) for details. SEE ALSO
function::task_current(3stap), function::task_parent(3stap), function::task_state(3stap), function::task_execname(3stap), function::task_pid(3stap), function::pid2task(3stap), function::pid2execname(3stap), function::task_tid(3stap), function::task_gid(3stap), function::task_egid(3stap), function::task_uid(3stap), function::task_euid(3stap), function::task_prio(3stap), function::task_nice(3stap), function::task_cpu(3stap), function::task_open_file_handles(3stap), function::task_max_file_handles(3stap), stap(1), stapprobes(3stap) IBM
--- tapset::task(3stap)

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