smfi_register(3N)														 smfi_register(3N)

smfi_register() - registers a set of filter callbacks for sendmail SYNOPSIS
descr Specifies a filter descriptor of type describing the filter's functions. DESCRIPTION
The creates a filter using the information given in the smfiDesc argument. must be called before the routine. Multiple calls to the rou- tine within a single process is not allowed. The structure has the following members: A NULL value for any callback function indicates that the filter does not wish to process the given type of information and the filter returns the value. Notes The flags field must contain the bitwise OR of 0 (zero) or more of the following values: This filter adds headers. This filter changes and deletes headers. This filter replaces the body of the message during the filtering process. may have significant performance impact if other filters do body filtering after This filter adds recipients to the message. This filter removes recipients from the message. RETURN VALUE
The routine may return for any of the following reasons: o Memory allocation failure o Incompatible version or illegal flags value AUTHOR
was developed by the Sendmail Inc. SEE ASLO
smfi_main(3N), smfi_setconn(3N), smfi_settimeout(3N), smfi_opensocket(3N), smfi_setbacklog(3N), smfi_setdbg(3N), smfi_stop(3N). on smfi_register(3N)

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