SDL::Cdrom(3)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					     SDL::Cdrom(3)

SDL::Cdrom - a SDL perl extension for managing CD-ROM drives SYNOPSIS
use SDL::Cdrom; $cdrom = SDL::Cdrom->new(0); $cdrom->play(); EXPORTS
Create a new SDL::Cdrom object. The passed $id is the number of the drive, whereas 0 is the first drive etc. use SDL::Cdrom; my $drive => SDL::Cdrom->new($id); METHODS
CD_NUM_DRIVES() Returns the number of CD-ROM drives present. name() Returns the system dependent name of the CD-ROM device. status() Return the status of the drive. play() Play a track. pause() Pause the playing. resume() Resume the playing. stop() Stop the playing. eject() Eject the medium in the drive. id() Return the ID of the drive. num_tracks() Return the number of tracks on the medium. track() Returns the track description current() Return the current played track number. current_frame() Return the current frame. AUTHORS
David J. Goehrig Documentation by Tels <>. SEE ALSO
perl SDL::Mixer SDL::App. perl v5.12.1 2010-07-05 SDL::Cdrom(3)

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