vximportdg(1M)															    vximportdg(1M)

vximportdg - import a disk group into the Veritas Volume Manager configuration SYNOPSIS
vximportdg daname new_dgname DESCRIPTION
The vximportdg utility performs a temporary import of the disk group contained on the disk device specified by daname to the disk group specified by new_dgname. As the persistent disk group information is not changed within the private partition of the affected disk, the import is only valid for the duration of the bootload or until a vxdg deport is performed. ARGUMENTS
daname Specifies the device name (disk access name) of one of the member disks of the disk group to be imported. The other members are imported automatically. new_dgname Specifies the disk group to be imported. USAGE
One reason to use the vximportdg utility is to import a second generation of the rootdg disk group so that its objects are available for use while a system is running on a different rootdg. To prevent volumes on the second generation rootdg from having the same device minor numbers as volumes (such as rootvol) on the active rootdg, the importation assigns temporary non-conflicting device minor numbers. If this occurs, vximportdg outputs warning messages detailing the mapping of the minor numbers. SEE ALSO
vxdg(1M) VxVM 24 Mar 2008 vximportdg(1M)

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