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SRU::Request(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation					 SRU::Request(3pm)

SRU::Request - Factories for creating SRU request objects. SYNOPSIS
use SRU::Request; my $request = SRU::Request->newFromURI( $uri ); DESCRIPTION
SRU::Request allows you to create the appropriate SRU request object from a URI object. This allows you to pass in a URI and get back one of SRU::Request::Explain, SRU::Request::Scan or SRU::Request::SearchRetrieve depending on the type of URI that is passed in. See the docs for those classes for more information about what they contain. METHODS
newFromURI() newFromURI() is a factory method which you pass a complete SRU url. newFromURI() will return an appropriate object for the type of request being conducted: o SRU::Request::Explain o SRU::Request::Scan o SRU::Request::SearchRetrieve If the request is not formatted properly the call will return undef. The error encountered should be available in $SRU::Error. newFromCGI() A factory method for creating a request object from a CGI object. my $cgi = CGI->new(); my $request = SRU::Request->newFromCGI( $cgi ); asXML() Used to generate <echoedExplainRequest>, <echoedSearchRetrieveRequest> and <echoedScanRequest> elements in the response. type() Returns 'searchRetrieve', 'scan' or 'explain' depending on what type of object it is. perl v5.12.4 2009-11-20 SRU::Request(3pm)

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