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AICCU(1)																  AICCU(1)

AICCU - Automatic IPv6 Connectivity Configuration Utility SYNOPSIS
aiccu <start|stop|tunnels|test|autotest|license> [ config ] DESCRIPTION
AICCU makes it very easy for anybody to get IPv6 connectivity everywhere they want. It uses the TIC (Tunnel Information & Control) protocol to request the information needed to setup a tunnel through which the connectivity is created. AICCU supports the following tunneling pro- tocols: - 6in4 static (RFC 2893) - 6in4 heartbeat (RFC 2893 + draft-massar-v6ops-heartbeat) - tinc ( - AYIYA (draft-massar-v6ops-ayiya) As AYIYA even works from behind NAT's, thus unless there is a very restrictive firewall in place, anybody should be able to get IPv6 connectivity without problems and everywhere they want. OPTIONS
start Starts aiccu service. stop Stops aiccu service. tunnels Prints a list of currently available tunnels. test Builds the connection and runs a simple selftest allowing a user to report this back as it should show most obvious problems. autotest Decription here license Shows the license aiccu is released under. config Read the configuration from config file. SEE ALSO
The AICCU page <URL:> at sixxs. AUTHOR
AICCU was written by Jeroen Massar with contributions supplied a number of people as mentioned in the Changelog. 18 April 2005 AICCU(1)

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