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lua-config(1)						      General Commands Manual						     lua-config(1)

lua-config - Lua configuration information SYNOPSIS
Basic usage gcc ` lua-config --include ` my_prog.c -o my_prog ` lua-config --libs ` DESCRIPTION
The lua-config script allows you to determine useful information about the chosen version of lua running on the Debian GNU/Linux system in use. More information can be found by running lua-config without any arguments. CAVEATS
This script is unique to Debian and as such you shouldn't rely on its presence on every system. Lua is an embedded language by default and different Linux distributions each take a different approach to making it possible to compile with Lua. The pkg-config system also provides a way to look for libraries and is more likely to be supported across different Linux distributions. Debian's pkg-config name for Lua 5.0 is lua50 and the libraries are in lualib50. These pkg-config files can be found in the liblua50-dev and liblualib50-dev packages. AUTHOR
lua-config was written by Daniel Silverstone <>. This manual page was written by Daniel Silverstone <>. For the Debian project. It may be used without restriction in any other system. SEE ALSO
lua(1) pkg-config(1) lua-config(1)

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