dtlogin problem? Login incorrect; please try again error

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Operating Systems Solaris dtlogin problem? Login incorrect; please try again error
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Old 08-29-2008
dtlogin problem? Login incorrect; please try again error

At boot the gui looks like it is starting but right away I see a message box pop up saying: 'login incorrect; please try again' and a black screen otherwise. I click ok and it comes right back up. By the way I am running the SGD software and have 2 sunray DTUs connected. The sunray DTUs display the gui just fine and i can login to those.
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Old 08-30-2008
Any screenshot avail? cannot understand what/how you mean it Smilie
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Old 04-10-2009
Login incorrect; please try again error message displayed endlessly in a loop


I use SunBlade 150 machine hosting Solaris 10 OS. Whenever I switch on the machine, I get "Login incorrect; please try again." error message endlessly in a loop even though the "OK" button is pressed. There is no prompt for relogin but the same message keeps poping up.

The other ways we are trying to address this is by getting to “OK” prompt. But, we are unable to get even the “OK” prompt.

The following various options were tried to get the “OK” prompt, But :-(.
  1. Since it is a Sunblade machine, the removal of keyboard does not take to “OK” prompt, where as Sun Enterprise does take the user to “OK” prompt when keyboard is disconnected.
  2. Put Solaris OS CD and restarted the machine.
  3. Keyed in various key combinations during system boot: Stop A, Stop N, Ctrl+Break, Ctrl+D, #~, #., ~. etc...
  4. Tried connecting thru Hyper terminal using the Console cable. But, the Sunblade machine do not have the port for connecting the same.
Please let know how the above issues can be resolved.
dtlogin problem? Login incorrect; please try again error-errorjpg
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Old 04-10-2009
are yo able to ssh to the server, then check the /etc/default/login file?
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Old 04-13-2009
No, Not able to SSH. It throws up an error. But, I am able to only Ping to the server.

I doubt, I have made a mistake. I have given 777 permission forcibly to /etc/pam.conf file and this might be causing the issue. But, to again change the permission to 644, I should be able to somehow get into OK prompt and login in Single user mode. Now, the issue is to get the "OK" prompt.
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Old 04-13-2009
Use SUN keyboard and give a "Stop-A". It should drop to OK> prompt
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Old 04-14-2009
I had tried connecting Sun keyboard earlier. But, since the keyboard port present on the Sunblade machine is USB port and the Sun keyboard present is PS2, we had used the PS2/USB Connector. With this try, the keyboard was not recognized and hence was not able to issue Stop+A Key combination.

Today, I was looking for an alternative for Stop+A Keys and I found an interesting way of getting the OK prompt.

When the system is Powered ON, the Power LED flashes. During this time, press the Power button twice quickly. :-) Smilie

Thanks a lot for your earlier suggestions...Smilie
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