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How to determine which SIP a package belongs

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Operating Systems Solaris How to determine which SIP a package belongs
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How to determine which SIP a package belongs

Hi Folks,

Is there anyway I can determine the package set (or SIP) that a package belongs to. It doesn't seem that pkginfo does it?? I'm trying to remove a whole lot of unecessary packages, and it would be far more convenient if I could remove whole sets at a time instead of indivdual packages.


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sip-options(1)							  sofia-sip-utils						    sip-options(1)

sip-options - Query SIP OPTIONS Synopsis sip-options [OPTIONS] target-uri Description The sip-options utility sends a SIP OPTIONS request (or any other SIP request) to a SIP server. The sip-options tool will print out status line and interesting headers from the response, excluding From, Via, Call-ID, and CSeq. The message body is also printed. Command Line Options The options utility accepts following command line options: -m url | --contact=url | --bind=url Specifies the SIP URL to which the options utility binds. --1XX | -1 Print also preliminary responses. If this option is not present, preliminary responses are silently discarded. --all | -a All SIP headers will be printed. If the --all option is given, the options utility also prints From, Via, Call-ID or CSeq headers. --from=url Specifies the From header. Unless this option is used or the environment variable SIPADDRESS is set, local Contact URL is used as From header as well. --mf=n Specify the initial Max-Forwards count (defaults to 70, stack default). --method=s Specify the request method (defaults to OPTIONS). --extra | -x/dt> Read extra headers (and optionally a message body) from the standard input Return Codes 0when successful (a 2XX-series response is received) 1when unsuccessful (a 3XX..6XX-series response is received) 2initialization failure Examples You want to query supported features of $ options Environment #SIPADDRESS, #sip_proxy, #NTA_DEBUG, #TPORT_DEBUG, #TPORT_LOG. Reporting Bugs Report bugs to <>. Author Written by Pekka Pessi <pekka -dot pessi -at- nokia -dot- com> Copyright Copyright (C) 2005 Nokia Corporation. This program is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Version 1.12.11devel Sat May 7 2011 sip-options(1)

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