How to install .p51 packages in Solaris 11.4?

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Operating Systems Solaris How to install .p51 packages in Solaris 11.4?
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Old 01-15-2020
Originally Posted by Michele31416
OK well I just checked what I should have checked at the start. It turns out that OpenIndiana is only for x86 Solaris, not SPARC. So even if I could download it, it wouldn't run. Sigh.

Thanks anyway though. Perhaps this will be useful to someone else.

Yes, people generally learn more from "mistakes" or "failures" than "success".... and that is why your post is good for everyone who might be working on a similar project. is not about "the best solution" and nor is it a "show off site" where people are trying (at least hopefully not) to "out code" each other in a big popularity contest. Here is a site for sharing our collective tech experience, freely and with as little commercial and marketing influence; and in a way which everyone is kind and respectful of others, regardless of the number of years of experience. Do we always succeed? No of course not. But we try and that is our goal.

I'm sure many people in the future will benefit from your self-discovery journey on this topic, Michele31416,

Thanks for posting back and closing the loop.
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