Backup for NAS huge File system

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Operating Systems Solaris Backup for NAS huge File system
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Old 08-10-2019
Backup for NAS huge File system


I have NAS File System mounted in Solaris as \Sysapp with size 8 TB

the problem once the backup stared it is impacting the performance of the OS.

Do you have any idea how to can we backup this FS with fast scenario without impacting the OS.

Backup type : Netbackup
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Old 08-10-2019
In what way is Solaris performance impacted?

What (other than netbackup) is accessing files under the mount point /Sysapp while you're performing the backup operation?

By saying that the mount point is \Sysapp, are you saying that you have remote mounted this filesystem on a Windows server? Are you sure that Windows isn't your bottleneck instead of Solaris?

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Old 08-11-2019
\Sysapp mounted only in Solaris used by Application and used by this application only.

Backup will use the OS resources once started and will take time.

That's why will be impacted.

Any idea?
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Old 08-11-2019
What type of filesystem is it?

One option is to create a dedicated backup Solaris node and allow it to mount the NAS read-only or to allow it to snapshot the filesystem. The backup load would then not be on the existing host system.

Or how about degrading the backup process priority (using nice) so that regular users get processing priority over the backup.
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