Split a big file system to several files

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Operating Systems Solaris Split a big file system to several files
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Old 07-24-2019
Split a big file system to several files


Actually I have question and i need your support.

I have this NAS file system mounted as /coresys has size of 7 TB

I need to Split this file system into several file systems as mount points I mean how to can I Split it professionally to different NAS mount points how to can I decide which subdirectory to be Split and mounted in different mount point.

I need the whole size of 7 TB to be split into different mount points.

each TB to be in single and different mount point.

hope you understand my question.

Your support please.

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Old 07-25-2019
To get started, please post the output of:

mount -v

and give us a snapshot of your system.

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Old 07-25-2019
And output from
du -sk /coresys/*

This is used to decide which directory will become a separate file system.
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