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Fallback Miniroot

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# 1  
Fallback Miniroot

S7-2 solaris 11.3 and S7-2L Solaris 11.4 ( New Servers )

Am confused as to how to boot Solaris 11 in case of DR.
What is the "Fallback Miniroot". None of my new servers will boot off it. (See below )
You can see from the rmmount command below that the device is mounted and I can access it
via the operating system. It does match the version of the operating system.
I was able to attach an external DVD drive with the "text install" DVD and boot off that into the "Shell". So that will be the DR plan for now.
But what is the "Fallback Miniroot" Am I flogging a dead horse trying to boot off it.

 rmmount -l
/dev/dsk/c2t0d0s2    cdrom,cdrom0,cd,cd0,sr,sr0,Solaris-11_4_5_3_0-Boot-SPARC,/media/Solaris-11_4_5_3_0-Boot-SPARC

{0} ok boot  fallback-miniroot
Boot device: /pci@300/pci@1/pci@0/pci@2/usb@0/hub@2/storage@1/disk@0  File and args:
SunOS Release 5.11 Version 11.3 64-bit
Copyright (c) 1983, 2018, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
NOTICE: Can not read the pool label from ''
NOTICE: zfs_do_tboot: failed to import root pool, error 5.
NOTICE: spa_get_bootfs: can not get bootfs name
Cannot mount root on /pci@300/pci@1/pci@0/pci@2/usb@0/hub@2/storage@1/disk@0,0:a fstype zfs

panic[cpu0]/thread=20012000: vfs_mountroot: cannot mount root

Warning - stack not written to the dumpbuf
000000002000fa00 genunix:main+1e4 (0, 10074c00, 20300b40, 208acc00, 0, 10137400)
  %l0-3: 0000000000000000 00000000203c7c00 0000000000000000 0000000010074c00
  %l4-7: 0000000020122c00 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000020122ef8

Deferred dump not available.
dump subsystem not initialised

# 2  
How to Update the Fallback Image

This procedure applies to those systems that have service processors (SPs) with the fallback miniroot installed. Whenever you update to an SRU version on the host, you must also update the fallback image.

Note - The fallback image's Readme file also provides the same instructions for updating the fallback image. Make sure to refer to that document for additional information related to the image.

Access your MOS account at

On the support web page, search for Doc ID 2045311.1 (Oracle Solaris 11.3 Support Repository Updates (SRU) Index ).

This index lists the different SRU versions with links to their corresponding fallback boot images.

Download the SRU version's fallback image.

At the ILOM prompt, check the version of the current image to verify that you do not have the latest version installed already.

-> show /SP/firmware/host/miniroot version

        version = fallback-5.11-

At the ILOM prompt, update the fallback image.

-> load -source

Ref: Oracle: How to Update the Fallback Image
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