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Old 04-18-2018
VCS not active

Dear All,

My current system run Solaris 9 SPARC 64 bit , and VXVM , VCS 4.1. I check all the node information .

ls -l /etc/vx/*.exclude
/etc/vx/*.exclude: No such file or directory
root@devuardbs01 # vxdctl license
All features are available:
 Root Mirroring
 Array Snapshot Integration Feature
 DMP (multipath enabled)
 Dynamic LUN Expansion

 hastatus -sum

-- System               State                Frozen

A  devuardbs01          RUNNING              0
A  devuardbs02          RUNNING              0

-- Group           System               Probed     AutoDisabled    State

B  Oracle_MultiNIC devuardbs01          Y          N               ONLINE
B  Oracle_MultiNIC devuardbs02          Y          N               ONLINE
B  Oracle_dev_SG   devuardbs01          Y          N               OFFLINE|FAULTED
B  Oracle_dev_SG   devuardbs02          Y          N               OFFLINE|FAULTED
B  Oracle_sit_SG   devuardbs01          Y          N               OFFLINE|FAULTED
B  Oracle_sit_SG   devuardbs02          Y          N               OFFLINE|FAULTED

-- Group           Type                 Resource             System

C  Oracle_dev_SG   DiskGroup            Oracle_devdg_Diskgroup devuardbs01
C  Oracle_dev_SG   DiskGroup            Oracle_devdg_Diskgroup devuardbs02
C  Oracle_sit_SG   DiskGroup            Oracle_sitdg_Diskgroup devuardbs01
C  Oracle_sit_SG   DiskGroup            Oracle_sitdg_Diskgroup devuardbs02

As I don't care for the failing the disk group here, just want to add the new disk group to be share with the cluster node. i run the command but inactive

vxdctl -c mode
mode: enabled: cluster inactive

Can you please assist with me to advice the solution?

Thank you

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