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Operating Systems Solaris SQL QUERY to Table Output
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Old 03-17-2015
SQL QUERY to Table Output

I am trying to run sql query from solaris in csh script and send the output to email. Below is my sql query
select p.spid,se.program seprogram, se.machine, se.username, sq.sql_text,sq.retrows from v$process p
inner join v$session se on p.addr = se.paddr
 inner join
( select se1.sid,s1.sql_text,CASE WHEN s1.rows_processed > 0 THEN round((s1.rows_processed/s1.executions),0) END retrows  from
              (select * from v$session where sql_address is not null) se1
      inner join v$sql s1 on se1.sql_address = s1.address and se1.sql_hash_value = s1.hash_value
  select se2.sid,s2.sql_text,CASE WHEN s2.rows_processed > 0 THEN round((s2.rows_processed/s2.executions),0) END retrows from
              (select * from v$session where prev_sql_addr is not null) se2
      inner join v$sql s2 on se2.prev_sql_addr = s2.address and se2.prev_hash_value = s2.hash_value ) sq
            on sq.sid = se.sid
            where p.spid = $var;

Anyone can help to make the above sql query output in nicer format prefer in table format with border?
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Old 03-17-2015
sqlplus has various format options which can generate almost anything format wise.

Check out this document :
Formatting SQL*Plus Reports

Have you tried some options it provides ?

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Old 03-17-2015
You should decide if you want ASCII text output or HTML output for pretty printing.
For the latter, read the manual reg. SET MARKUP HTML ON/OFF.
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