MAximum ammount of memory

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Operating Systems Solaris MAximum ammount of memory
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MAximum ammount of memory

Wich is the maxumum ammount of memory supported by Solaris in the most recent version? And somebody knows if there is a document on SUN that support this?

In advance thanks.
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well, right now there is no limitation because you cannot get as much dimms as you want in the mashine. so the limitation is based on the biggest maschine from sun, that would be right now a SunFire 25K and there you can use 144 Cores with 576GByte RAM.
(i know some testing engineers from sun, and they told me that they tested solaris with 256 SystemBoards (that would be 1024 CPU) and it worked fine)

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Ach so!, danke für ihre Antwort, stützt z.B. AIX in der Architektur 16TB des Gedächtnisses, die Beschränkung auf den SUN Solaris ist über ein Terabyte?
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GEIER, please read our rules and note:

(9) Edit your posts if you see spelling or grammar errors (don't write in cyberchat or cyberpunk style). English only.
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please follow the rules and write your question in english again (anyway , this sentence makes no sense, this is not german, just a mix of german words Smilie i don't understand this even if the forum rules would allow to write in german Smilie )

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I believe the theoretical limit for a 64-bit OS is 32TB.
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Sorry about that!!

Ok I was just giving the thanks for the answer, and making the comparission, about, that in documentation on IBM the AIX OS, supports 64TB of memory.
So thinking that the limit of the Solaris is the ammount of memory that can hold the 25K server, wich was the theorical supported memory by the Solaris?

Thanks to 98_1LE for the answer.
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