X86 solaris10 suddenly stopped mounting flashdrive

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Operating Systems Solaris X86 solaris10 suddenly stopped mounting flashdrive
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Old 03-18-2013
X86 solaris10 suddenly stopped mounting flashdrive

I can't mount flash drives and dvd drives on my x86 solaris 10.

The error message appears after login; sd_media_watch_cb: dev gone.

When I issue #mount /usb, it first shows disk is mounted or busy, and
'/dev/dsk/c3t0d0p1 - there is no such device or address' when I repeat
it. But the device is in /dev/dsk dir.

It was working but has suddenly stopped working. I can't even mount
dvd drive as it shows the similar message and fails.

Please tell me what has gone wrong.

Thank you
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Old 03-18-2013
The common denominator between USB device and CD/DVD device mounting is the volfs service.


svcadm disable volfs
svcadm enable volfs

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Old 03-19-2013
Originally Posted by hicksd8
The common denominator between USB device and CD/DVD device mounting is the autofs service.


svcadm disable autofs
svcadm enable autofs

Thank you. I've tried but problem remains the same
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Old 03-19-2013
I think it is rather volfs.
svcadm restart volfs

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Old 03-19-2013
@MadeInGermany.....Yes, of course. What was I thinking?? Thanks for correcting my stupid mistake.

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Old 03-24-2013
I apologies for being late.

I tried all the commands you asked me but problem persists. One message I get no matter what command related vol;"pattern volfs does not match any instances"

It can't mount volfs.
When I use vold, it says mount /vol fails.
I can't see permission of /vol as it suspends cursor (seems for ever) until I ctrl c to get
the cursor back.

Why I can't see/search/execute /vol directory?
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